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Pantry Love <3

27 Apr

Have you seen all the beautifully organized pantries lately?

The Social Home

They seem to be all over Pinterest and blogland.

The House of Smiths

 I have to admit that I love looking at them ALL.  I could sit in my chair with my iPad and Google images of pantry organization and look at them for longer than I should.

I’m sure my hubby would like to have clean clothes to take on his business trip coming up in a couple of days.  But, I just. can’t. stop. looking at them!

I figured I better make this “research” pay off. So off I go to the store to search for just the right organizing containers to get the job done.

First I looked at my horribly disorganized pantry.  Ugh.  Does yours look like this?

Who can be inspired to cook when looking at this mess?

Then, I tried to semi-organize it with a few bins a couple of weeks ago.


Finally, I made a list of all the things  I need.

  • air-tight containers for cereals
  • air-tight containers for staples like: sugars, flour, pastas, rice
  • bins for snacks, bulk items, canned goods
  • labels  –  round, rectangular, fun

I’m sure I’ll get to the store and see some other goodies I can’t live without for my pantry overhaul.

Muuaaahhhhaaa! 🙂

Come back tomorrow to see the big reveal!  You will be sooo surprised how much it cost me!!  I hope it looks as good as these:

Better Homes and Garden


Shabby Chiffon Couture Headband Tutorial

21 Apr

Did you get a chance to see the stunning hairband I put together the other day?

It was totally EASY to make!

Don’t believe me?  Okay.  It did take about 30 minutes from start to finish but once you’ve made one of these beauties, you’ll be making them in 1/2 the time! AND, the steps were simple.

First, get your supplies together.  You’ll need:

  • a glue gun.   I use one that has high and low temp and a very fine nozzle so that I can put the glue in the exact place I need.  It also allows me to as little or as much as I need too.  Which comes in handy when you need to do a tiny touch-up. Of course, I get my project right the first time so touch-ups aren’t needed! 🙂
  • a strip of fabric in your choice of color.  For this project, I used 36″ for the larger rose and 18′ for the smaller one.
  • felt for the back of the flowers.  It can be purchased from any craft store.  Make sure to get the softer sheets instead of the stiffer ones.  You’ll want this to match the color of your fabric like the small circles in the photo.  I used black today only for demonstration purposes as it’s easier for you to see.  I’m sweet like that!
  • Chiffon flowers in different sizes.  I got mine from here.
  • Scissors
  • Fold over elastic headband.  I got these from here.
  • Patience!


Now that you’ve gotten your supplies together, let’s get down to business.

Fold your 2 1/2 to 3″ wide fabric into thirds.  You’ll want do this because most fabrics are one-sided and when you “turn” the rose it will continue to show the right side of the fabric.


Once folded into thirds, take the end of the fabric and create a pointed tip by folding both the bottom and top into each other.

This will create a bud-like center.  Roll this center 3-4 times.  It’s a good idea to put a dab of glue here to help hold it in place.

20120421-091924.jpg                                 20120421-091953.jpg

Now take the next section of the fabric from the bottom with your thumb and forefinger and fold towards you.  Do this 2 times.


After each 2nd turn, put a small amount of glue being careful to “tuck” it in a spot that won’t be visible.


Keep turning, folding and glueing until you have a small tail of fabric at the end.  Flip the flower over and glue the tail to the underneath of the flower.  No one will see this because it will be covered in felt.

20120421-092115.jpg                      20120421-092123.jpg

Lay it down in a pattern that you like.  This is when you’ll add the chiffon flowers or flowers of your choice.  REMEMBER not to glue at this point until you are completely satisfied with how it looks.  Now that you LOVE it, glue it down onto your felt piece.  I overlapped my flowers slightly on top of each other to create some depth.

Back cut the felt so that it’s not visible when being worn.


At this time you can add a larger clip but I prefer a headband since it is a larger, heavier piece.  Be sure to look at it from the front to determine how you want it to lay on the band before gluing.  Add another piece of felt to cover the band.


Ta-dah! and Oh! La’ La’!!

Have you ever made embellished headbands?  I’d love to see what you’ve done so leave a comment and link us back to your creation.



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