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Love for my Momma ~ Free Subway Art Printable

9 May

I love my mother.

She knows it.

It doesn’t take a special day each year for that to be confirmed.


I still like to show her my love and appreciation by sending her a card or something special when I can.

I’ve sent flowers in the past but while they are lovely, she’s the kind of lady that likes

something that reminds her of her children even if it’s just a simple letter.

So when I was thinking about what to give her for Mother’s Day this year,

I wanted it to be something she’d see everyday.

Something that expresses how a mother feels

and what her child feels as well.

I remembered this quote from an unknown author.

I think it’s perfect.

I came up with some subway art~


But I don’t love the price.

So I created my own and I’m giving it to you so you can show your mom how much you love her too!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show someone how much you love them.

That’s what my momma tells me anyway. 🙂

Here’s what I did.

I downloaded my pdf file onto a memory stick.

Then I took the memory stick to my local FedEx Office Store and gave it to them to print.

I asked for it to be printed on 60# cardstock but you can print it on regular paper if you want.

All 3 only cost me $2.34!!

I purchased an 8×10 frame from JoAnn‘s for $6.99 (50% off this week-SCORE!!!)

and simply took out and laid the glass on top of the print,

 marked where I wanted to trim it and cut it with my paper-cutter.


I think she’ll love it.

It’ll remind her of her favorite child every day. 🙂

I am your favorite, right MOM??

Thought so.

Here’s the pdf files below.  You get your choice of  pink, black or aqua with white type.

Love them!!  Hope you do too!







Don’t Forget!! Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Gifts~

7 May

Did you remember??  It started TODAY!!

I’m talking about Teacher Appreciation Week!

Luckily, for our first day my daughter had to draw a picture of her and her teacher

so that gave me more time to get ready for the rest of the week!

If you’re a little behind like me, I’ve got some last-minute help!

My sweet friend Kellie made these awesome gifts for her son’s teachers just yesterday!

(She forgot too!–you see–we’re all human 🙂 )

All you need for this first one is a bottle, six-pack, can of A&W Root Beer (or Cream Soda) to show the teacher that they are AWesome!

The next one is simply a candy bar wrapped up and titled “Best Teacher {Bar None}”

Try and find out their favorite candy bar and wrapped in paper printed with these words.

Kellie used legal paper and tied it up with cute ribbon!  So simple but so cute!

Tell your child’s teacher that they’re POPular with you and your kid!

Grab a box a microwave popcorn and wrap it with this printed cover.

Teacher’s get hungry.  Give ’em something to eat to get them through the day!

A lot of ideas across the web show gifts that give the teacher a Starbucks gift card.

But sometimes, teachers don’t have time to stop for coffee on the way to school.

With this gift, they’ve got the coffee handy and can make a cup to go!

They’ll be the STAR Teacher in the hallway!

The last one I have to share is for those teacher’s

that may not like coffee or just like a good glass of tea!

All you need is some single serve tea packets and maybe a few sweetener packs.

Give this one to your kids TEA-riffic teacher!

So don’t panic!  Run to the store, grab a few things and you’ll be ready for

Teacher Appreciation Week

in no time!

Thanks Kellie!!

She also was awesome enough to share the printable so that I could share them with you!!

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Hair Bow How-To!!

2 May

Aren’t these soooo adorbs??

Do your girls wear bows?

What about your nieces or your friend’s children?  Wouldn’t you like to know how to make your own?

It’s really easy!!  But I’ve made it even easier with my picture tutorial!

Here’s what you’ll need:



Get your template.  (Come back tomorrow on how to make yours!)

Let’s make a bow!

(If you have trouble seeing the instructions, click the photo for a larger view)

After wrapping 3 times, take your hair clips and secure on each side.  These are your extra set of “hands”.

When tying off your thread be sure to pull tight before knotting.  This will cinch your bow in the middle.

Get your alligator clip ready.  I get mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  You get 100 for about 6 bucks!!

When lining up your ribbon into the clip, make sure it is centered before you glue in the next step.

I use my thumb to help guide the ribbon onto the glued clip instead of just pressing it in place.

It makes for a more exact placement.

 There will only be a small amount of ribbon on the underneath of the clip.  If you like a fully lined clip you’ll use 5 1/2 inches instead of 4″.

Flip the bow over.  Before gluing clip, decide which way you want the clip to go in the hair.


Now you should have an adorable bow!

GO make another one for a cute set of matching bows for pigtails!

Have fun!


Countdown to Et Que Cette Etsy Store Grand Opening!

1 May

We’re Open!!  Click the Etsy tab at the top! 

More items added throughout the week!!ImageImageImage


I love Skinnytaste and Baked Chicken with Dijon and Lime

24 Apr

The weather here in the eastern part of the U.S. is ca-ray-zy!  One day it’s sunny and 75 degrees and the next day it’s snowing!  What in the heck is going on?  I never know if I should plan for warm, comforting foods for dinner or plan something for the grill.  Either way, I still have to cook.  Poo.  Can I have next week off, please?

Since there is no way to figure this out, I have to go with things that work in any type of weather.  One of those things is good ole baked chicken.  Except, it’s usually so boring.  I mean, you could season it a little to help it along.  Or you could do what I do and that’s scour the internet for recipes.  Ones that are easy, don’t have obscure ingredients in them that no one’s heard of, and actually taste good.

Which brings me to my favorite website, Skinnytaste.  The woman is a genius.  Literally.  If a woman can come up with recipes for those of us that aren’t naturally inclined in the kitchen to be able to make with ease, then she’s brilliant in my book.

And to top it off, they are ALL waist conscious recipes.  If you’re into Weight Watchers, which I do happen to be, then you’ll love her even more.  She posts all of the nutritional information along with the points values.  I just love it because I can actually cook meals that don’t make me gain a million pounds and my family would never guess they are eating my “diet” food.

Here’s what I made last night:

      Baked Chicken with Dijon and Lime.  Yum.

You can find her recipe here.

But since I’m a girl that totally needs pictures to guide me through each step, I figured that there may be a few of you out there that need the same.

Baked Chicken with Dijon and Lime:

  • 8 small chicken thighs, skin removed
  • 3 tbsp Dijon mustard
  • 1 tbsp light mayonnaise
  • 1 clove garlic, crushed
  • 1 lime, squeezed, and lime zest
  • 3/4 tsp pepper
  • salt
  • dried parsley

First get your ingredients together and preheat your oven to 400 degrees.  Then wash your chicken thoroughly, place it in a bowl and season with salt.

Next, get a smaller bowl and mix the mustard, mayo, garlic, lime and pepper together.

Oops!  I forgot a picture of me putting in the garlic but I think you can handle it!

Last, pour the ingredients on top of the chicken in the larger bowl and get your hands in there and mix it up!  Place it in a dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray to prevent sticking. Topped with dried parsley. 

Cook for approximately 30-35 minutes.  Gina says to put it under the broiler to brown it up but I’m too impatient for that part so I usually stop there. 


My family requests this often.  Along with everything I’ve ever cooked from Skinnytaste.  I tell everyone I know about the site.  Everyone.  And now you know too!  Thank you, Gina, for making my life easy.

Happy Eating!!  (Because when is it not?)

K. ❤

I’ve been a busy little bee!

23 Apr

I’ve been buzzing around my house all weekend working on many projects for y’all! (Yes, I’m a Texas girl ;)) First thing I HAD to do was clean up my craft room. It was a mess! Every time I turned around, I was tripping over cords, boxes filled with supplies, a Pilates machine (that cost me an arm and a leg yet I never seem to stretch those body parts on it) and just basic crap all over.

Don’t get me wrong. I love having so much room to work. In our last house, I just took over an extra bedroom. But here, I get to have to whole finished basement all to myself! Pretty lucky! However, when we moved to our new house in Pennsylvania a few months ago, everything got put back in the wrong place by the movers.

So I’ve basically been rummaging through bins, boxes and bags to find what I need. Throwing one thing out-of-the-way to make room for the next project. It’s driving me bonkers!

And since I’ll be opening a Etsy shop soon, I realized my antique desk a retired professor for Colorado School of the Mines gave me just isn’t BIG enough! Give me room baby!

Ready to see the after?

Me too! But this will take about a week to complete.

I’ve got my eye on a new work table, some bins, and some shelving so I hope to share those with you soon!

Come back soon to see a glorious (to me anyway) transformation!

I’d love to see your workspaces so please

be sure to comment and share!!

21 Apr

I love this idea for homemade stamps from erasers. WhollyKao did an awesome job of explaining the how-to so I’ll just leave it to her! Have you ever tried something like this? Are you into paper crafts? I’m definitely going to give it a try.


Howdy! I told you this tutorial was going to be about making stamps out of pencil erasers…right?

Well, let’s cut to the chase. I saw this tutorial on Creature Comforts a while ago, and thought it was a fantastic idea. It’s an easy and cost effective way to spruce up cards and packaging. I tried it over the weekend and had a lot of fun using the stamps to make little cards.

Did I mention that this is a great way to use old no.2 pencils you have lying around? Yup, even if the eraser is dried out and leaves streaks on your paper when you try to erase. The only caveat is that the erasers need to be new (never used), so that you can have a flat stamping surface.

To make your stamps, you will need:
-no.2 pencils with new/unused erasers
-X-acto knife
-ballpoint pen
-stamp pads

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