Hair Bow How-To!!

2 May

Aren’t these soooo adorbs??

Do your girls wear bows?

What about your nieces or your friend’s children?  Wouldn’t you like to know how to make your own?

It’s really easy!!  But I’ve made it even easier with my picture tutorial!

Here’s what you’ll need:



Get your template.  (Come back tomorrow on how to make yours!)

Let’s make a bow!

(If you have trouble seeing the instructions, click the photo for a larger view)

After wrapping 3 times, take your hair clips and secure on each side.  These are your extra set of “hands”.

When tying off your thread be sure to pull tight before knotting.  This will cinch your bow in the middle.

Get your alligator clip ready.  I get mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  You get 100 for about 6 bucks!!

When lining up your ribbon into the clip, make sure it is centered before you glue in the next step.

I use my thumb to help guide the ribbon onto the glued clip instead of just pressing it in place.

It makes for a more exact placement.

 There will only be a small amount of ribbon on the underneath of the clip.  If you like a fully lined clip you’ll use 5 1/2 inches instead of 4″.

Flip the bow over.  Before gluing clip, decide which way you want the clip to go in the hair.


Now you should have an adorable bow!

GO make another one for a cute set of matching bows for pigtails!

Have fun!



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