I’ve been a busy little bee!

23 Apr

I’ve been buzzing around my house all weekend working on many projects for y’all! (Yes, I’m a Texas girl ;)) First thing I HAD to do was clean up my craft room. It was a mess! Every time I turned around, I was tripping over cords, boxes filled with supplies, a Pilates machine (that cost me an arm and a leg yet I never seem to stretch those body parts on it) and just basic crap all over.

Don’t get me wrong. I love having so much room to work. In our last house, I just took over an extra bedroom. But here, I get to have to whole finished basement all to myself! Pretty lucky! However, when we moved to our new house in Pennsylvania a few months ago, everything got put back in the wrong place by the movers.

So I’ve basically been rummaging through bins, boxes and bags to find what I need. Throwing one thing out-of-the-way to make room for the next project. It’s driving me bonkers!

And since I’ll be opening a Etsy shop soon, I realized my antique desk a retired professor for Colorado School of the Mines gave me just isn’t BIG enough! Give me room baby!

Ready to see the after?

Me too! But this will take about a week to complete.

I’ve got my eye on a new work table, some bins, and some shelving so I hope to share those with you soon!

Come back soon to see a glorious (to me anyway) transformation!

I’d love to see your workspaces so please

be sure to comment and share!!


Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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