Semi-Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gifts

18 Apr

So a couple of days ago, my daughter brought home a letter from the room mother of her class.

It was a week-long list of what they would like for the parents and students to do to show our 2 co-teachers a little appreciation for all the hard work they do.

Believe me, teacher‘s do really appreciate being recognized.  I know, I’ve been an elementary teacher for years and when a sweet face comes in with a flower, some candy or even just a card, it makes us feel…well, fuzzy and warm inside.

So when I got this letter, I knew I had to put together a post about all the great ideas I’ve come across.

Simply click on the links below to go right to these genius ladies who thought them up!

1. You’re a Lifesaver 

2.  Many Thanks!

3.  Hugs

4.  Smartie 

5.  Bloom

6.  A Drink and a Treat

7.  Teacher Treats

8.  Popular Teacher

Now go make a teacher feel awesome!


Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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