Rubber Eggs Topped with Love

16 Apr

Breakfast for dinner

Today I thought I’d take my daughter out to breakfast before school. I’m such an awesome a cool mom. She’s having the writing portion of the state test (don’t get me started) today so of course I want her tummy satisfied. No grumbling sounds that make her classmates look at her sideways. But before we could do that, we had to drop off the pup at the vet to get…um…well…snipped. He had no idea. Poor guy – he was so happy just to ride in the car with us. He knows that when he rides it must mean 1 of 2 things: the vet or the kennel. He loves both and they love him.

After we dropped him off we were running short on time, so my great plan to go to Kings Family Restaurant for a nice hearty breakfast was changed to the place with the arches. Not the best breakfast in town but the girl liked it. I should mention that she’s in 5th grade. Excuse me. That’s right. And she’s my baby of 4! The other 3 are living in Texas and you’ll hear more about them later. But I digress. The eggs were like rubber. My burrito was anything but authentic. It’s whatever. We talked. We bonded. We left.

Now we had more time than we thought we would and so we parked in her school parking lot and talked some more. She keeps talking about The Hunger Games and telling me about these scenes in the story. I listen intently because it seems so real to her. She’s so invested in these characters. How exciting to be so wrapped up into what you’re reading that it’s all you can talk about. Ahh. To be 10 again. NOT. In any case, she loves them and if it keeps her charged up about reading, I’m all for it. Except now she wants to take archery lessons and get a bow and arrow set. Naturally, her dad is feeding that desire by promising her to make that dream a reality. Funny, her name was going to be Hunter if she was a boy. No kidding.

As she left the car, she turned back and motioned at me to roll down the window. She leaned in with a smile and said, “Have a great day, Mom”. Thanks! It’s off to a wonderful start!


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